Five designers you have to know

Fashion would not be fashion if it was not changing. This is why, according to me, this particular art is so fascinating and evocative. Today I want to introduce five emerging designers that are really breaking the rules, whose collections can give a burst of novelty and energy to your wardrobe during the cold months. Five names we will hear about more and more. (thanks to Farfetch for its inexhaustible source of inspiration)


The Belgian designer Glenn Martens is the creative director of this cult label. Keywords: intricately constructed pieces; uniquely juxtaposed fabrications; velvet.
Discover Y/Project:
Turkish designer Dora Teymur set up his own label in 2012. Keywords: nostalgia, femininity, future textiles; ankle boot
Discover Darateymur:
A streetwear label by Nicola Formichetti. Keywords: conceptual sportswear, unisex, genderless, ageless.
Discover Nicopanda:

A hyper-femininity style from Ukrainian designer Natasha Zinko. Keywords: jewelry, voluminous, mannish, femininity.
Discover Natasha Zinko:

Sarah’s Bag has been founded in 2000 in Lebanon and it is asocial project, employing local underprivileged women. Keywords: irony, humor.
Discover Sarah’s Bag:

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